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Singers lyrics > Reba McEntire > Maggie Creek Road lyrics

(Karen Rochelle, James Slater)

Mama stood on the front porch ringin' her hands
Watched the tail lights fadin' on his black tranzam
With her precious little baby taking off inside
Staring at him with stars in her eyes
She tried to tell her but the girl might as well have been deaf
She wasn't gonna listen to a word she said

Don't go down Maggie Creek Road
With a boy lookin' like that
He'll tell ya thangs that you wanna hear
And they'll be no turnin' back
There's an oak tree down by the lake
In the shade where the wild flowers grow
What'll happen only heaven knows
So don't go down Maggie Creek Road
Don't go down... Maggie Creek Road

Was a still black night as dark is cold
Nobody heard her when she said no
She kicked and screamed and got free somehow
Tore her dress on the door when he pushed her out
She walked 13 miles on the gravel road
With tears in her eyes 20 years ago


Somehow mama's always know
Cause they shoulda been home an hour ago
When she pulled up it was just going down
She turned her headlights off didn't make a sound
She heard her baby crying no but he wouldn't stop
Her heart went cold and her blood ran hot
With a pistol in her hand she opened his door
You don't wanna see mama go to war

Lyrics: Maggie Creek Road
Singer: Reba McEntire
Album: Keep on Loving You

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